Visit duration and cost will be determined by the complexity of the problem or problems that you are coming in for, and how much time is needed to address these concerns efficiently but thoroughly.  

Below is an approximate range of prices you will pay for visits and related services like biopsies, injections, treatment of precancerous growths and cancers, etc.

You will be notified how much your visit will be when you book you appointment. 

**Please note: if you want to discuss additional concerns that you didn’t mention at the time of booking, or your problem is more extensive than you thought, the price of your visit may be more.  In addition, since we are trying to run on time, if you want to address concerns you didn’t mention at the time of booking, you may need to come back to address them, especially if there is a patient waiting.  We want to respect everyone’s time.

Initial visits:

All initial visits will be a minimum of 20 minutes, and will range from $400-$650, depending on the time needed.  This initial visit will include free treatment of up to 5 benign or precancerous growths with liquid nitrogen, scissor removal, or a comedone extractor, as well as a free medical grade sunscreen and a personalized skin care regimen.

Follow-up visits:  Note these are basic examples/guidelines.  

Quick follow up (10-15 minutes) $150-200 – for example, a focal recheck of several moles or prescription refills.  

Basic follow-up (15-20 minutes) $200-350 – examples: acne follow-up with a need to change/modify medications, worsening of mild-moderate psoriasis, a new (or chronic which you have not been seen here for) mild-moderately extensive rash, 1-2 minor concerns (concerning new spots, new warts, dandruff, herpes, etc), follow-up full body skin exam in a healthy young person with few moles.

Moderate follow-up (20-30 minutes) $400-500 – examples: follow-up full body skin exam in a patient with a history of precancerous growths, skin cancer, or someone with many moles (over 100), new moderate-severe acne including starting Accutane, a new extensive rash or worsening of a chronic moderate-severe rash, hair loss, a full body skin exam in a healthy young patient who also needs a follow up for a mild-moderate issue or has a new minor concern, someone who has 3-4 minor concerns.

Extensive follow-up (30+ minutes) $500+ – examples: a full body skin exam and new evaluation for acne, hair loss, an extensive rash, etc., someone who has 5-7 minor concerns.


Shave biopsy  – $150 on the body, $200 on the face or scalp

Note: specimens will be sent to an outside pathologist and billed to your insurance or directly to you

Shave removal of a benign mole for cosmetic reasons – usually <6mm

$250 on the body

$350 on the face or scalp

Note: even benign appearing moles must be sent to the pathologist

Punch biopsy (requiring sutures) less than 6mm – $200 on the body, $250 on the face

Note: specimens will be sent to the pathologist

Destruction of benign or precancerous growths (like actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, skin tags, sebaceous gland hyperplasia, warts, and milia) with liquid nitrogen, hyfercation (burning), scissor removal, comedone extractor, or cantharidin (a wart treatment):

1 to 5 lesions (unless it’s your 1st visit in which case they are included) – $250 on the body, $300 on the face

For 6-10 lesions – $350 on the body, $450 on the face

More than 15 lesions (rarely done) – price will be quoted to you beforehand

Surgery – For skin cancers that do not require Mohs surgery, and cyst excisions on the body or scalp. $400 and up depending on size of lesion, location on the body, and time needed.

*Note: suture removal is included in the cost of the procedure

**All specimens are sent to the pathologist 

Incision and Drainage of an abscess: $400 and up depending on the size and location of the abscess.

*Note: this procedure requires numbing of the skin with lidocaine, the incision and drainage, collection of a bacterial culture (which is sent to an outside lab/billed to your insurance), and prescription of antibiotics

Injections of intra-lesional Kenalog (steroid) – used for many things like large acne cysts, keloid scars, alopecia areata, stubborn plaques of psoriasis, etc.

1 small lesion /1 injection- $150

2-7 injections – $200

>7 injections – $300+

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