Donnelley Dermatology, with its unique model of direct pay dermatology, is opening in direct response to the current culture of medicine. Insurance companies impose mandates and restrictions on care and require doctors to spend hours on administrative tasks including cumbersome documentation, prior-authorizations and more, at the expense of patient care. In addition, doctors are forced to see 30-50 patients a day due to ever decreasing reimbursement rates, just so that they can survive. This causes tremendous harm to quality health care and the doctor-patient relationship. Donnelley Dermatology will be an oasis, where Dr. Naomi Donnelley, an award-winning board-certified dermatologist with over 19 years of post-residency experience, will practice cutting edge, evidenced based dermatology with a compassionate, old-fashioned philosophy.

You will never be rushed. You will have a thorough exam, following a comprehensive history. You will get the diagnostic acumen, excellent care, thorough explanations and caring bedside manner that Dr. Donnelley is known for. The duration of your appointment will be based on the time needed to address your concerns, and you can address more than one concern at a visit! All full body skin cancer screenings will include a personalized skin care regimen to optimize your particular skin health needs. If you need a biopsy, it will most likely be performed at the same visit. It will not be unusual to have 20, 30 or even 40 minute appointments. Same day appointments will be the norm, not the exception.

The model at Donnelley Dermatology is direct-pay medicine, which is not to be confused with concierge medicine. There are no monthly or annual fees. Straightforward pricing will be given about the cost of your visit, and any additional procedures that may be necessary. In many instances you will end up paying less than you would with a high deductible insurance plan. You will be given the paperwork you need to submit to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement*. Full transparency is the rule. There will be no prior authorizations for procedures and no interference by insurance companies. Insurance will cover blood tests, pathology reports and the medications that Dr. Donnelley prescribes. You will get the care that YOU need. See the section on Direct Pay medicine for more information.

While the focus of Donnelley Dermatology will be excellent medical and surgical care, Dr. Donnelley will offer a carefully curated list of aesthetic services and products. Please see our section on Cosmetic Dermatology.

We look forward to welcoming you to Donnelley Dermatology in the Fall of 2023 at 1075 Park Avenue in New York City.

*Please note that while we welcome Medicare patients, Medicare does not allow patients to submit for reimbursement for out-of-network providers.

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